Vaping Social Etiquettes and Regulations in the UK

Posted by Muktar Mirza on

E-cigarettes have varied regulations and legal status across the states and countries including no regulation, strict restrictions, licensed devices as medicine or banning them examining to assess the pros and cons of vaping. Whereas, Numerous organization including Cancer Research UK, The British Medical Association, The Royal College of Physicians, The National Academies of Sciences, and Medicine support the fact that e-cigarettes are far safer (95% Less Harmful) than regular cigarettes.
There are approximately 3 Million UK Adults who are using E-Cigarette should be known to linger changes in rules and regulation for vaping across the UK. Generally, The Use, Sale, and Advertisement of E-Cigarette is legal in the United Kingdom, however, businesses can ban it in their vicinity.
Here are the few rules and regulations within the UK to assure the safety of the massive:
• It is an outlaw to sell e-cigarettes or e-liquids to minors (Under the age of 18).
• The Nicotine Content of a liquid can be maxima 20 mg/ml.
• Nicotine-containing e-liquid packaging must be child-resistant and tamper evident.
• Maximum 10ml e-liquid bottle size is allowed within the UK.
• The Additives including Caffeine, Taurine, and Certain Colouring are banned to use in flavourings/ liquids.
• Atomisers cannot have a capacity of more than 2ml to sold within the country.
• All legal vaping products must be sold after registered with MHRA.

However, the products including disposable e-cigarette that does not hold nicotine and 0% Nicotine e-liquid do not need to meet the regulations.
In-spite of the fact that Vaping poses a fraction of risk of smoking habit, even though, requires some social etiquettes including:
• You should not vape in confined space.
• You must avoid vaping in a job interview.
• No Vapour Blowing in someone’s face
• You should not vape in the home or in a car without permission.
• You must avoid vaping in a queue, restaurant, or public transport.

Lastly, Vaping is acceptable within the society instead of smoking but remember to follow the rules and it should be in socially acceptable manner.